Animals rule. Follow them.

The universe is interconnected in ways we can’t even imagine.

Because of this complexity, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to ‘see’ where we are on our own soul path. But nature can provide us clues as to what the universe is asking us to ‘do’ and ‘be’.

Everything in this world is a concentration of source energy. Animals are one of the purest forms of this energy, because they just live their natural truth.

What are Animal Totems?

Because we are all part of one great energy, noticing nature and animal presence in our lives—and seeing through our ‘animal eyes’—can provide reflections as to where we are on our own paths.

This guides us back to a centered state of balance, and assists us in gracefully letting go of what we no longer need.

Every species is special and unique, and through the teachings of these specific animal medicines we can experience self reflection, joy, love, and peace.

This brings us closer to ourselves—and each other—and this the goal of life. After all, we are all interconnected and we only get one Earth.

What Kinds of Animal Totems Are There?

Life or Power totems tend to stay with us for our whole lives, and we can call on them whenever we need them.

Message totems make brief appearances in our lives in order to give us a specific message.

Journey totems appear in our lives for longer periods of time, in order to give us guidance around a specific issue or periodic life journey.

Shadow totems tend to be animals who we fear or who test us in some way.

And finally, there is the super powerful Spirit totem, which is a Shadow animal totem that is no longer feared.

If you wish to learn more about your animal totems, simply Google the animal [e.g., ‘Owl Animal Totem’, etc] and read about their characteristics and messages. Or, feel free to contact me using the form below.