Rinny the Rinpoche

Rinny is a Three-Toed Sloth. Her favourite things to do include slowly hanging around in the forest, smiling, living in the now, hugging, and listening to the wise messages from nature.

Rinny is also a Rinpoche—which is a title of honour used to describe a spiritual teacher. And like all animals, Rinny has much to teach us.

Sloth's main lesson for us is to slow down. Instead of running around frantically and hurriedly, sloth teaches us to remember that we have enough time to do what we need to do—one slow step at a time.

They remind us to stay grounded, to exercise daily, and to eat slowly and mindfully. Sloths can turn their heads almost 270 degrees and have the spiritual gift of clear vision, reminding us to look at things from different perspectives when we are feeling stuck or stagnant.

Illustrated Storybook

‘Rinny the Rinpoche’ is an illustrated storybook about the life of Rinny.

She lives in Stanley Park, Vancouver, and she moves around her world slowly—carefully paying attention and listening to all the valuable and timely messages from her various Stanley Park animal friends such as Barred Owl, Raven, Spider, Ladybug, Harbour Seal, Grey Whale, Coyote, Bald Eagle, Raccoon, and Red Headed Wood-Pecker.

All animals have important lessons to share with us, and each animal embodies different messages. The insights Rinny’s animal friends give to her in the storybook are all based on accurate animal totem medicines.

We have so much to learn from our animal friends!

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Rinny Stuffies

This handmade Rinny stuffy is always ‘hanging around’ and ready for hugs, smiles and love.

She has a way of snuggling into every body perfectly, and she just wants to be wherever you are.

But Rinny also loves being out-and-about in nature, so please feel free to take her outside for photo shoots and fresh air.

Just like all animals—including ourselves—each Rinny is different, unique, and special. And a portion of each Rinny stuffy and book purchased will be donated towards supporting our amazing natural world.

So go ahead and collect yourself a whole gang of Rinnies!

What Are People Saying About Rinny?

I very much appreciated your new book. I enjoyed reading it, and enjoyed the messages. THEN, I went on a 5-day kayaking trip on the west coast of Vancouver Island—I saw eagles, terns, oyster-catchers, seagulls, dolphins, sea otters, whales, bears, (and heard) wolves... and your book resonated with me even more! I kept on remembering what all your animals had said in your book, and contemplated what all my animal encounters were telling me. It was a wonderful exercise in intuition and imagination. Thank you for your gift of inspiration.” Allison