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Rinny Hugs

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Rinny the Rinpoche:

Baby Three-Toed Sloth Illustrated Storybooks & Handmade Stuffies

Rinny is a Three-Toed Sloth who mostly loves to slowly hang around outside in the forest and smile.

But she also loves hugging, listening to the messages from her animal friends, spreading joy and love, and snuggling.

She is patiently waiting for you to read more about her and to adopt her so that your cuddlefest can begin!

More About Rinny the Rinpoche

Owl Eyes:

A Timeless Fable about Interconnection, Nature & Love

Owl Eyes is a narrative, autobiographical fable that tells the story of a little bear’s self-regulated healing journey through depression and grief.

In remembering how to notice and listen to the messages of her own body and her animal friends, the little bear learns to trust the universe again by reconnecting with the natural world.

The Owl Eyes novel is currently in the final editing stages of production and is soon to be released!

More About Owl Eyes Novel

Gentle Classic Restorative Yoga:

A Simple Practice with Gigantic Benefits

Restorative Yoga has my heart.

This slow, gentle yoga is for everyone—you don't need to be flexible, and you can practice it anywhere.

Maximum comfort is the goal, and you can look forward to subtle yet powerful shifts in your entire body, mind, and life.

Some of the benefits include better sleep patterning, reduced anxiety and tension, digestive and circulatory health, and the regulation of your entire nervous system.

More about Restorative Yoga with Amber

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